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Jack Langley for Hollis State Representative!

Jack Langley at Buttonwood


   ...I'll vote NO.
   ...Proud to be the Elephant in the Room.
   ...Running on the NHGOP Platform.

My Big Issues Are:

Protecting Local Zoning.

Protect Hollis NH.

Protect Gun Rights

Education Freedom

My Long Speech


I’m Jack Langley a 24-year Hollis resident running for State Rep in Hollis. A retired Industrial Engineer who worked for 30 years for the DoD, my last job was Cost Monitor in the government office at BAE in Nashua. My wife Rachael, also retired, former teacher from the Perkins School, occasionally substitutes and works in Hollis Schools and Cafeterias. It’s my first time running, I’m already working hard, I’m hardening up the research on my issues, figuring out a web page, how to get my message out, and hope to have your vote on Sept 10.

I am running a campaign based on the NHGOP platform and would like to highlight the areas that have strong Hollis impacts, and I feel strongly such as:

-Local Zoning. We must fight for the right to preserve our local zoning decisions. If we want to build work force housing, or “Additional Dwelling Units” or not, that should be our local decision. Pressure is coming from both Concord and DC to override our decision making. This is my biggest worry.  Pressure is being put on towns to allow ADUs. And legislation is being crafted to allow ADUs without Zoning Board input. So, if your neighbor decides to put a two-bedroom dwelling in their front or back yard there’s nothing that can be done. It’s nice to have a zoning board, conservation committee, historical committee and elect good guys to town office, Hollis could be run over with legislation from above. Thankfully, stuff like this did not pass this legislative session but it was proposed.  I have to say our current reps did vote against their party and voted no to final version which narrowly failed.

Eric Pauer of the Brookline Planning Board sent a letter to the HRTC Facebook page by asking Reps not to vote for HB1400, which passed. It started out as a anti-squatter bill but morphed into the consolation prize for the ADU/”Home-nibus” crowd. It put at a maximum of 1.5 parking spots for a one-bedroom unit, provided incentives for office/industry to houses plus kicked some zoning powers to the select board. And the 1.5 parking number is a compromise from 1. McGhee, Ming YES, Calabro NO. And with the backing of developers and real estate people, bills like this will be back. There’s builder’s quote out there somewhere for a $250K Two-Bedroom ADU.

At the federal level there is an overall war on the suburbs, you now need an “equity” plan for HUD assistance, another example is Sens Shaheen & Portman have written Building Code legislation from the DC level and the NH Builders just don’t want.  Of course, they claim to save you money, with 20-year payback or so. Per Matt Mayberry of NH Builders, to fully adopt the Shaheen code would add $13K to a new house cost. Still the Building Code bill is not the end of the rainbow for the green energy crowd, there is a new term “Net Zero” meaning your home will using no net energy, using solar roofs, insulation, little windows. Which would add 93K to a new home cost. The Shaheen bill allows cities/town & state to adopt the “Net Zero” building code. They want smaller lot sizes and denser housing everywhere, even telling you it will shorten commutes. We shouldn’t be expected to transform from Hollis to a big city in 10 years.    And that’s not addressing the war of fossil fuel appliances, gas stoves, dryers, oil heat, etc… There are strong forces outside of Hollis looking to mode our community to their liking and I will fight for our right to make these decisions locally.

-Education. I want parents in control of their child’s education giving them as many options as possible.  Our platform calls for school choice, no tenure and merit pay. Education is going through a disruption. Parents want alternatives to the traditional Teacher’s Union monopolies and are dissatisfied with educational outcomes. Internationally we are 28th or 30th in Math depending on the source and that’s a national security threat.  The Dems have turned our Public Schools into Social Justice battlefields, Some years ago HB had an anti-gun walkout, gender transitions are being normalized, boys on girls teams and most graduates come out liberal. That is not a balanced education. NH republicans tried to pass a simple bill called the “Parents Bill of Rights” which would have required teachers to disclose to parents if their kid was another gender at school; but through legislative tricks (due to attendance Dems were in majority 1 day) they killed it. All 3 Hollis reps voted the wrong way. I am for school-choice empowering EFA accounts. Many of the NH Democrats fights against Education Freedom Accounts send or have sent their kids to private schools. Finally, I support an SB2 Town level vote. In Concord I will support all Education freedom efforts supporting Education Freedom Accounts and will support all pro-parent control legislation.

- I support the Second Amendment and oppose Red Flag Laws and Gun Free Zones.  There was a NH Hospital security guard killed Nov 2023 in a “gun free zone”. An ex-cop. The government remedy was HB1711 to add mental health records to the gun registry, more red-flag law pushing, but it’s still a gun free zone and that’s crazy and the root of the problem. NH is a safe state because of the gun freedoms that we have.

-Low Taxes. Low taxes begin with low spending.  In NH we do a pretty good job of keeping spending down but there is always pressure.  It’s more like wack-a-mole, where various issues/departments/needs can suddenly explode.  The recent ConVal court ruling says our education adequacy number is too low and a judge rules the state contribution needs to rise at least 80%. “Environmental Services” increased from $250M to $400M, we have a “Human Rights Council” and other little things that doesn’t spend a lot of money now but could explode if the wrong party gains control. I’d side with the current effort of our party to challenge the current education adequacy formula and it’s just using the courts to send towns like ours other town’s education bill. If nothing changes that “NH school tax” on your tax bill will increase by 80%. A spending concern is 44% of NH State dollars is federal money, all with a string attached.  For the other side, more is never enough and there is always some new Utopian Dream being sold and marketed.  And we are bad people for being against it. But I’m going to Concord to vote NO! There is no budget fairy. You can’t spendthrift your way to low taxes.


24-year Hollis resident Jack Langley running for State Rep to fight for your local zoning rights under attack from state & federal levels. Parents in control of their child’s education, no classroom secrets being kept from them. Make SB2 a town level vote Pro 2nd Amendment. Finally, Low Taxes result from Low Spending and that’s how I’ll vote: No!


Monument Square, Hollis NH

I live here:

Buttonwood Drive, Hollis NH

Running to Fight for You

Increase Taxes? No Way!

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